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About Us

Wedding Thapas provides Photography & Cinematography/ Wedding Films of high quality in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are one of the top wedding event photography company in Nepal, providing the best quality of photograph. Wedding Thapas photography team is committed to provide you with all kinds of services.

Why us?

Do you want to show your story about your wedding in sensational photographic images? Looking for a wedding photographer who is an expert in making beautiful wedding images? Wedding Thapas offers exquisite and beautiful wedding photography to clients in Nepal & Australia. Emotional and near moments can be captured forever in time with wedding photography and preserved for decades to come. Special photographs of the wedding are a luxury and something to preserve and cherish for ever. So just relax and enjoy the special wedding events, as we create beautiful and amazingly beautiful images.

Our photography services for your wedding are available at extremely competitive rates and we offer a fantastic value for money. We take care when you rely on us to provide you with services that will make your wedding memories special. If you need high quality images where quality is not compromised, then we are the best choice. Our photographers are well trained to take the best images and we are industry experts. So, don't wait any longer and tell us about the basic criteria and expectations for your wedding photograph. We’re going to do our hardest to represent you. For any guidance on photography services we give you can contact to our friendly workers. Please feel free to contact us for more information on Wedding Thapas or visit our office

  • Kageswori Manohara-09, KTM, Nepal

  • Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

Build Unforgettable Memories with Qualified Photography Services Our premium wedding photography services are extremely beneficial:

  • Build A Special Style Pictures

    The theme is a critical component of wedding photography. Wedding images are beautiful and appealing. Professional photographers apply artistic skills in creating images that enhance your personality.

  • Use of New Equipment

    We have the latest devices and advanced equipment to meet all your special requirements in photography.

  • Skilled Staff

    A skilled photographer can apply expert knowledge to ensure high quality photography of your wedding activities.